Meredith Davey

2005, digital interactive piece.

SADI (Science and Art: a Design Interface) is a development to look at the presentation of scientific concepts in an artistically involved manner. This project examines the implementation of an immersive environment where scientific text is displayed and interacted with on the basis of the physical properties that this text describes.

By showing this physical interaction between how a real world object moves and acts and the way that it would be scientifically described allows for further understanding of the nature of scientific examination into a problem. By presenting it as an aesthetically involved process allows the user to experience the beauty that a trained scientist sees when they examine these problems.

Users are projected onto a screen, gesture is captured and triggers moving (dynamic typographic) equations to be generated which move in a physically real manner. Once in motion these equations can be interacted with by the users.

This project demonstrates that there are alternative, aesthetic, forms of presentation of the cannon of scientific knowledge.

Programmed in Java, fonts used: Arial and Times New Roman. Works assisted by Lindsay Bernath and OBX Labs. These works were partially funded by CIAM grant.

Full description and analysis is contained in my Graduate Certificate Thesis.

Direct link to PDF of thesis (contains additional images).

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