Meredith Davey

Some Collected Works

This is the online portfolio of Meredith Davey.

Meredith Davey holds a BSc(hons) in Physics form the University of Bristol (UK). After initial training in the sciences he worked and is working for innovative and world renowned firms of building services engineers in London, UK. As an engineer he developed the creative designs for many projects throughout the world, including Europe, Australia and North America. He specialized in sustainable design, environmental & high performance engineering.

Through out his education and employment he has always shown a strong interest in the aesthetic side of his work. This was further explored in the recently completed Gradate Certificate in Design Art Practice at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). Meredith's research focused on new dynamic ways to represent scientific knowledge and is embodied in SADI - Science and Art, a Designed Interface.

Due to the diversity of Meredith's work this portfolio has been subdivided into several sections: Screen or Installation Art Works, Photographic Works, works associated with professional engineering & Clothing.

CV (acrobat document, approx. 50kb)

Screen and Installation Art

Photographic Works
Engineering Related Works

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